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Upmann Habanos Bolivar Libertador Connossieur A and produced for the Network of Stores La Casa del Habano and specialists were in that stand.

The number of visitors to the fair increases every year, meant the spokesmen of Habanos SA, confirming the importance of Inter-Tabac as transcendental forum for producers, traders and trade press.

These details of the marketing of cigars in the world, confirmed that Cuban executives every year new glosses give you the crown of these cigars, despite all this economic problem, always high quality Cuban cigars. Therefore buy the best cuban cigars.

It may be, there are many who say, cigars brand most prestigious in the world. Talking is talking about Cohiba cigar, Cuba Heart, a brand created in 1966, which for many years was only intended to be a gift to the government personalities, both local and foreign. Of course it was (maybe still are) the preferred Cuban leader Fidel Castro. In 1969 the brand was registered, but the name dates back to well before.

Cohiba is an ancient word used by the Taino Indians, the original inhabitants of the island, to name sheets rolled cigars smoking Aborigines, and Christopher Columbus first saw Cohiba in Cuba in 1492 is therefore the first name cuban cigars.

Leaves used in the preparation of this cigars come from the selection of the five best vegas thin areas of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis, in the region of Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Rio province, particularly the El Corojo Vega , which produces a smooth texture layer and light colors.

This teaches pure manufactured in The Little Lake, where it is said they are the most famous cigar makers in the region, which also used a control group that constantly examines the quality of the different tobaccos in various stages of production. Hence buy the best cuban cigar.

The only Cohiba cigar brand in which three of the four types of leaves that are used in its preparation, dry, light, and half a time, undergo further fermentation in barrels. In all, three fermentations. This special and unique process results in an aroma and flavor that can only be found in this brand. In April 2004, a New York judge recognized the Cuban Cohiba brand as a notorious entitled to international protection, banned General Cigar Cohiba and continue selling their deregistration overturned his dating from 1978 shows the absence of the embargo, the decision of Judge Robert W. Sweet, had allowed export cigarettes to its northern neighbor. Hence buy cigars.

However, the decision became worthless to be revoked in February 2005 Cuban tobacco also claimed then that the Court of Appeal was depriving Cubatabaco their rights based on the embargo law.

After the final decision of the High Court, General Cigar is pleased that the Justice recognize them as legitimate owners of the Cohiba brand in the USA and says from now will increase their efforts to prevent producers, distributors and traders falsify said taught. Therefore it is important that you opt for the best cigar humidor and enjoy smoking.

The company headed by Daniel Nunez, also makes it clear, through its website, that the manufacture of the disputed mark is made in the Dominican Republic and have no relationship with Cuban cigars sold under the same name outside the country North American.

United States is the world cigar market, as acknowledged by Altadis in its 2005 Annual Report Division cigar tobacco in 2005 reached economic sales of 885 million euros, 8.3% more than in the previous year precisely because of its good performance in the American market, which grew by 9.1%. Therefore choose the best cigar humidor.

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